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Hilal Mix Atti

Complete organic source, i.e. maize, lentils gram harks, peas husk, rice bran, and wheat bran. High energy, digestible fiber, protein, fat, increase milk production, milk butter fat, and taste.

Hilal ECO

Premium quality dairy feed is very economical for medium lactating animals and helps to increase animal immunity.

Hilal Grow Fast (Meat)

Selected organic source of ingredients vitamins, minerals, sodium bicarbonate digestible fiber, and protein especially for fattening animals to achieve 30-35 kg/month weight gain.

About Us

HDF is a knowledge and solutions platform. We engineer feed solutions HDF develops, customizes, sources, and offers feed and feed materials, bypass fat, and feed additive concepts for the Animals nutrition market.
In short, we select create and deliver. HDF is recognized and appreciated for its core values since 2005. Our teams are perceived to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, supportive innovative, and service and quality driven….. We invest in market presence, innovation (R and D), technical support, and customer service.

Hilal Meezan 16

Hilal Meezan 16 is a blend of more than 16 ingredients specially selected to meet the requirement of lactating cow/buffalos special in mid to late lactation.

Hilal Platinum Pala (Without Molasses)

A blend of all-natural by-products of cereal grain after the grain process, rich in organic crude protein, fat digestible fiber fortified with minerals and vitamins. Specially manufactured for lactating cow/buffalo to increase milk production, milk butter fat.

Hilal Meezan 18

High-yielding cows/buffaloes have a huge demand for energy during early lactation as milk yield increases rapidly after calving. Hilal Meezan 18 is an ideal feed for high-yielding cows/buffaloes soon after calving till mid-lactation. It consists balance energy with additional bypass fat to meet the required energy level for high-yielder cows/buffaloes.